Idli a humble breakfast

Growing up in South Indian home, Idli was a staple food. May be due to it being a regular at home I had never appreciated this simple and one of the healthiest dish.

But it’s never too late. Once I learnt how to make a home made batter, I have started valuing this humble dish even more.

Full proof Amma’s recipe.


  1. Ponni or idli rice – 1 cup

  2. Whole urad dal – 1/2 cup

  3. Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 tsp

  4. Water to soak and some to grind


Clean the rice and dal well. Soak the rice separately. Soak the urad dal & fenugreek seeds together. Water should be be double the amount of rice and dal. Soak over night or for 6 hours.

Drain the water and rinse again. Add adequate amount of water. Grind in a mixer the dal first with little water , it needs to be thick consistency. Next grind the rice, rice batter needs to be medium consistency. Mix them together , give a whisk and set aside to ferment. Overnight fermentation or 6-8 hours required.

Fermentation depends on weather and time of the day. A warm weather boosts the fermentation but when cold slows the process (yes even the Dubai cold). If weather is cooler you can keep it inside a closed microwave or oven (room temperature) , helps in speeding the fermentation.

Once fermented mix in the salt and whisk the batter.Grease the idli pans , pour the batter and place in the steamer.

Steam for 15 minutes. Turn off the gas. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then scoop to serve with your favorite side dish, sambhar or chutneys.

The recipe of the sambhar and chuttney will follow soon.