Shri Krishna Bhavan restaurant review

Wanted to try a new South Indian breakfast joint in Dubai as I have exhausted all the options. This was one of the best South Indian breakfasts I have had in Dubai after a long time. What ever was ordered was exceptional tasted authentic and fresh.

The things that stood out was the tangy tomato chutney and a ginger flavoured chutney which the server brought especially for us seeing our enthusiasm for the food. The filter coffee was served piping hot (which is very rare to find in Dubai) and was very authentic and strong as I wanted.

We ordered standard idli vada set, Rawa idli, pesarattu (green moong dosa). I am personally not a pesarattu fan, but the taste was authentic, they made it crispy as opposed to the softer versions I have tried.

Rawa Idli was soft delicate and filled with flavours of coriander. It was served with khorma and white chutney.

Best part of the idli and vada was that the batter tasted fresh and did not seem like a soda fermented batter.