Fish from the bay

I love sea food and always try to make variations to enjoy them.
With my set of north indian friends I had savoured the mustard oil and surprisingly loved it. Since then always wanted to try the famous sarson da maach.
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So with some research and word of mouth I managed to make this mustard based fish.

  1. Fish (bengali prefer rohu) but i think it does not matter and I took mackerel.
  2. Turmeric powder
  3. Garlic
  4. Mustard seeds
  5. Mustard oil
  6. Cumin seeds
  7. Chopped tomatoes
  8. Dry red chillies
  9. Coriander and chilli powder ( optional)
    Marinate the cleaned fish in turmeric powder and salt for half an hour.
    Make a paste of mustard seeds with very little water. Make another set of paste of cumin seeds and garlic and dry red chillies.
    Add mustard oil in a cooking pan. Fry the fish on both sides and keep it aside.
    Take another pant and add oil and when it is hot add crushed garlic paste. Once cooked add the mustard paste and cook till it leaves oil. (At this stage you may add chilli and turmeric and coriander powder). Add chopped tomatoes and sauté till it is cooked. Now add hot water and salt and let it boil. Once it starts boiling add the marinated fish and let it look. Turn of the gas add chopped coriander leaves. Finally garnish with one tea spoon of mustard oil.
    Savour the fish with rice as it tastes best with rice 😋