Bite Diet



Moving to Dubai introduced me to the packaged food, flavoured milk, custards, muffins all available easily and in abundance and all yummy on the palette. And in no time I had put on 7 kgs in a years time. I could not believe that the time when I could have just eaten anything and not feel guilty has passed. I had to get back to my normal weight so that I can indulge in my favourite food instead of reaching a phase when I could eat none at all.

With help of a friend, it all started oats for my breakfast, quitting diary and living on soups. Knowing me I would not eat anything that did not taste good. I found my way through this too.

Now I have developed this thing to healthy cooking and eating. I started with basic grilled chicken, stir fry veggies, salads and moved on to making whole wheat cakes, then to exotic smoothies as an alternate breakfast. All in all I was satisfied and happy :). Now I am back to my normal weight. So I still indulge on unhealthy foods during the weekends and enjoy the healthy food during weekdays.